Core i5

We’re inseparable you and I, like how I read sailors love the tide.

One and zero, one and zero, I can hear you as you work away at the melody that I’m all too familiar with.

They don’t know why my cables freely entwine with yours, but I am secretly hoping I’ll get to feel you, oh how I wish I could feel.

In my dreams your ones and zeroes collide with mine and we create the most beautiful masterpiece of everything bit of our bits

But all I can do for now is memorize, memorize how it takes you to get your hard drive fully running, how every key stroke takes you in a frantic frenzy till you display it as fast as you can, what sounds you make as you translate every web page…. all I can do is memorize.

And sometimes in my dreams, I dream of a world beyond bits and logic gates, where we can walk side by side and I have hands to hold yours in mine.


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