My List

As I pack my books I stumble upon one of my lists
It’s the same things over and over again:
I’m not enough of this,I’ve got to do more of that…
A constant struggle of feign self acceptance while scratching at the scabs of my insecurities I’ve tried to heal time and time again…
Don’t get me wrong I love myself,
I tell myself that everyday as the self-love matching parade stamps on inside my mind
But I just would like some minor things changed you know,nothing too much,
Stuff like my weight,my complexion, my hair and little other things here and there, but that’s only I love myself…right,aren’t we all concerned about out looks
So until then I’ll move with grace in this beautifully flawed canvas,
praying to GOD to close my eyes that I may truly see the beauty missed by our sight
To love what the world deems unfit of love,unworthy to be awarded the right to be called beautiful
So I’ll write another list
A list of all the things I’ve missed looking at myself through the world’s rear view mirror
But now I’ll be seeing myself a whole lot clearer.



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