Dropping My Mask

I guess I was the big bad wolf,disguised as a victim,like one if the three little pigs
I was never at fault,how could I be;
Everyone else was ‘playing holy’ ….and like a ninja laying in wait i watched with full precision, and made mental notes,gathered evidence of their flaws, to be later discussed in front of the biased jury of my mind, because they had to be perfect right…. if not what was the point?
How could they claim with such great conviction of their righteousness if they weren’t otherwise right in everything…..right?
So all their human  limitations soon became my ultimate justification for living out my deviations.
But I was wrong, boy was I wrong…I was never the now enlightened victim of some diabolical propaganda. No!
I guess it’s what psychologists call willful blindness or maybe it was fear,
yes fear that if I admit the truth it would look back at me like a reflection in the mirror ,
and a chill runs down my spine because I know I could never stand what I’d see…
But now I know the truth,so like a child I shut my eyes real tight and hold on even tighter to your hand, praying that your work in me will one day help me see a better me.
But for now my eyes are shut and my knees are frail, but I’m not letting go and I pray that you won’t let go too even after I drop my mask.


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